Barbara Roman

Multi Award-Winning E-marketer  

& Graphic Artist

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Return on investment for Email Marketing has been averaging $38-$44 per dollar spent! (Source: Direct Marketing Association)

When done well, email stands up as one of the most effective ways to reach target audiences, but it's changing and this change is making it even more vital, more effective.  (Source: Direct Marketing Association)

 79% of qualified leads never convert because of lack of nurturing. 

(Source: MarketingSherpa) 

 Companies that properly drip market generate 50% more sales at 33% lower costs.  (Source: Forrester Research)


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Ways I Can Help:

Email Marketing  Campaign Creation

Email Marketing Promotions

I have an exceptional track record for helping businesses grow  through effective email marketing campaigns.  

Writing & Editing


 Writing and editing services include articles, blogs, social media, and email marketing content.

Graphic Design, Image Editing, Illustration

Graphic Design, Image Editing, and Illustration

Designing powerful promotional pieces  through word, brush, and pixel for over 2 decades.

See examples below.