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        A great return for a
        minuscule investment

Turn your customers
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See who is reading
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        what links they clicked


       Stay competitive

Barbara Roman has the visual insight, expertise and artistic talent to help you create messages that will intrigue the eye and demand attention.


"We came to Barbara because the delivery rate of our emails was terrible and no sales were generated from the monthly mailings. After Barbara looked at it and made the necessary changes, our email had almost a 30% acceptance rate and 8 sales; well done!"

Anton Steinhart
Wines for Humanity


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"Don't make the same mistake twice. If you do you'll never get around to them all!" 

~ Author Unknown

Barbara Roman
Award-winning E-marketer
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
E-marketing Coach 

Grow Your Business
with Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Article Marketing
Referral Marketing
Joint Venture Marketing
Online Survey


E-newsletters, Sales Promotions, Announcements, Invitations, etc.

Return on investment for Email Marketing has been averaging $38-$44 per dollar spent!
(Source: DMA 2015)

"When done well, email stands up as one of the  most effective ways to reach target audiences, but it's changing and this change is making it even more vital, more effective"

- Direct Marketing Association 2015 Report

These are some of the things
we can do for your business:

  • Create an affordable marketing plan for your business
  • Design professional marketing campaigns that support your brand (some possibilities: social media marketing, email marketing, article marketing, referral marketing, and joint venture marketing, online surveys, etc.)
  • Advise on writing (or finding) compelling content for your audience
  • Increase your chances of getting your messages read
  • Save you time and money
  • Maximize your return on investment
  • Grow your client list
  • Integrate all aspects of your marketing with a cohesive strategy so they work together for greater results

We can also teach you how to 

do these things yourself!

See if online marketing is right for you.

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82% of successful advertisers say email marketing is their
most important advertising tactic.

The simple truth is, to stay competitive today, businesses need to maintain a strong email presence in their customer's lives. Last year, total US spending on email marketing was $600 million. This year more marketers, including your competition, will spend even more ($700 million projected).

Roman Art and Marketing has over sixty years of combined experience working with clients at all levels, finding ways to increase profit by refining marketing strategies and processes. We create high impact promotional communications for a variety of clients from ad agencies to entrepreneurs and Mom-and-Pop retail shops.

Barbara Roman is an award-winning strategic e-marketer as well as an award-winning graphics designer with a proven track record of helping small to midsize businesses, associations, and entrepreneurs gain control of their marketing to generate more leads and close more sales for over twenty years with the last nine years specializing in e-marketing strategies, techniques, and tools.

Wendy Lalli has worked for major ad agencies in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago and Milwaukee, creating sales-generating consumer and B2B copy for print, broadcast and direct response campaigns, collateral materials and trade show displays. A digital marketing veteran, she writes copy content, blogs and articles for dozens of clients in almost every industry including banking, professional services, retail, healthcare, education and non-profits. 

Gail Johnston, social media marketing specialist, has worked in various areas of marketing for over three decades, with the last seven years specializing in social media marketing.

Roman Art and Marketing's success rate for helping businesses grow is exemplary. See what our clients have to say: testimonials page.


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