Barbara, I've gotten 6 inquires already and it's only been 20 minutes since you sent out the promotion!

Thanks so much!
Beth Harvey
Harvey House B&B


Barbara, you are amazing!  When we do these mailings it makes me wonder why I didn't start sooner. They are so easy to get out the door now, and the response is just amazing.  After a long day nothing could be better than to open up the email to a bunch of super nice notes back from wonderful guests!  Another successful mailing!  Thanks a bunch!  Within just a couple hours there are already over 20 nice notes back and 2 reservation requests!  Given its the evening I am sure a lot more will come in tomorrow.  For once I will be looking forward to getting onto email first thing in the morning!


Barbara, just as expected, lots more this morning!
Thanks again,


I came to Barbara because the delivery rate of our e-mails was terrible and no sales were generated from the monthly mailings.

After Barbara looked at it and made the necessary changes the first e-mail had almost a 30% acceptance rate and 8 sales; well done!

Anton Steinhart, President
Wines for Humanity


Barbara is one of the most ethical, honest, and hard working people it has ever been my pleasure to associate with. She knows her stuff, has a great eye for design, and knows how to help turn an objective into reality. Do yourself a favor - hire her to help with your marketing - it'll be the best decision you make this year.

Rob Weinberg, President/Chief Strategist
MarketBuilding Team



I am writing to thank you for your superb work on our law firm’s e-mail campaign. As you know, I was somewhat reluctant to implement all of your suggestions, but we did it and the results have been amazing. Last month our open rate increased 32% and we have had nothing but positive feedback from the legal community. In retrospect, hiring you was a no-brainer!

David Crum, Esq, Principal
New Mexico Legal Group


Hi Barbara,

I want to let you know that our 3rd Thursday event had a turnout of around 975 people last night! Your work and great ideas were absolutely part of that wonderful success so I want to thank you very much.

Meaghan Cavanaugh, Director of Communications
Albuquerque Museum Foundation


I have hired Barbara on more than one occasion, and each time the results were fabulous. Barbara is a creative and innovative person who can be trusted with your most critical project. Barbara delivers on her promises!

Lee Presser, Lic. Assoc. Real Estate Broker
The Corcoran Group, NYC



I just wanted to share some good news. Because of your creative guidance and direction in creating the newsletters and the wording, it's been very productive. I've had 3 clients that I have not spoken to in at least a year or maybe a little more, call me and set up sessions because the newsletter reconnected them with me and they liked the newsletter so it is creating business and I just want to say thank you very, very much. To say you were instrumental is an understatement. Thank you for your service.

Robert Lyn Allen, MFT


Barbara, you are truly a lovely Spirit and give me pause for great giggles.

Great way to look at the process. Thanks for your perspective, Barbara.

Melody Meyer, LMT, CNHP
Life Stages Wellness


Working with Barbara is such a pleasure!  Her attention to detail is outstanding.  She is very attentive and gets things done in a timely manner.  She comes up with great ideas and is open to guiding me in crafting my newsletters and promos; working with Barbara has added humor and the “little extras” I wouldn’t have thought of.  I love the outcome!

She really does know this business inside and out, and it is clear she enjoys what she does.  I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge and her kind, yet efficient way of being.

Karli Kershaw, Health/Lifestyle Coach


Barbara is amazing. Anyone who has a business should have email marketing and Barbara makes is easy and fun to create a perfect email newsletter. I couldn't have done it without her, and in all these years, i am still so grateful for the day I met Barbara. I give her my highest recommendation, call her today if you want to get your business off the ground. 

Sandra Dawson, Artist/Teacher


Had the most fun learning new tools, processes, and methods that leverage using email marketing and customer relationship management for my business. Wonderful and enlightening class that led us quickly and easily through the newest tools and methods to optimize email marketing!

Nancy Korpela, Professional Business Executive Coach


I've taken her classes - they're always packed with great information you can use as soon as you leave the webinar (and the free business breakthrough coaching session is amazing - she helps you figure out your best next moves)!

Gail~ Minneapolis, MN


Barbara is an Angel. Her vast knowledge and commitment to my business were invaluable to me in launching a newsletter and marketing for my business. She not only listened and responded to every one of my needs, questions, concerns, ideas ... she also guided me in thinking outside of the box while still keeping things practical and easy. What a gift to have her leading the way. I am deeply grateful to have her on my side and know I could not have launched the marketing for my business without her expertise!

Lisa Sorce Schmitz
Whispers from the Moon 


My business, Oak Park Home & Hardware (OPHH) is a dual-format business, sustaining a brick and mortar store as well as a comprehensive online 
store. Our customer base is somewhat of a niche market. Reaching, and effectively capturing our customers' attention on a regular basis had been a challenge until we contracted with Barbara Roman to creatively manage our customer group lists. Barbara has done everything from creatively capturing our customers permission based information, to designing campaigns, and managing our email programs. It has been invaluable to have Barbara do all of this for us. She is very conscientious, accurate, and genuinely interested in advancing our business as a result of her efforts. She is very adept at the many technical aspects of this tool. Barbara's services are a great value particularly since we business owners tend to do everything ourselves and become "spread too thin".  Barbara has proven that our time is better suited for other things like managing the business! I would highly recommend the services Barbara Roman is offering. She has helped tremendously in growing our business. Try her out!

Joseph Galli
Oak Park Home & Hardware, Inc.



FYI, I had 75,792 hits on my website on Nov. 13th (the day the campaign was sent out).
Average has been 20,000 to 40,000 per day.



Barbara Roman turns my copy into an extremely attractive promotion complete with graphics. It is a good use of my limited time to have Barbara take on the task of handling the email marketing for my business. Her services deliver a good bang for the buck and I highly recommend businesses give her a try.

Joyce Smoler, President
At the Gallery, Inc.

And a great response for her (and me):

See below---this is from a retired marketing exec friend of mine!

Joyce, a great e-mail!  Wonderful marketing.  Congratulations.  
Let's talk soon.




It was a pleasure meeting you today at the BNC luncheon network.

As promised I am sending the information about bulk emailing. It is fabulous because you can measure your e-mail campaigns and now you can really see if folks even read your e-mails. I have copied Barbara Roman who helped me set up mine. She is great and she can help you manage with various areas of the software.  Additionally, she can set you up with a free trial.

Imelda March
Director of Communications and PR
Chicago Cyclocross Cup


Hello Barbara,
I've been referring other businesses to look at At the Gallery's email ads and postcards since she's been open.  They've always been one of my favorites to get because of the colors and layout.  My son does my website, but I'm not sure how to do the volume email ads.  Would you send me some info or quotes for a small mailing list for a used furniture store?  I'd be using them for sales and informal gatherings.

Diana Ostreko, owner Amazing Space, Inc.

And after her first promotion:

The ad got rave reviews...Thanks Barbara!

Amazing Space

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