Special Project

Courage for Kids


 Project Mission Statement: 

Helping transform fear
into courage and hope
through storytelling.

Fear  >  Courage  >  Hope

Did you know, that a child’s sense of self-esteem is set by the time they are five years old?

Moreover, that a sense of self, the belief in our own ability to deal with and triumph over life’s challenges big and small - impacts our adulthood as well as in our youth. Self-esteem can be the difference between a child succeeding or failing in school, social situations, and family relationships. It can even effect their ability to survive physical illnesses.

Of course, fear is everyone’s companion, especially in childhood. 

When we’re small, unable to provide for ourselves, even as we enjoy the protection of a loving family, our own vulnerability is all too apparent. Do you remember a time in your childhood when you were petrified? Your chest was tight, you could barely breathe, the pain and panic seemed excruciating as if you would burst from within . . .

Imagine struggling with that fear as a child fighting off a life-threatening illness.
Compounded with the feeling of helplessness, and perhaps by a sense of hopelessness, it must seem unbearable.

But when a child has a strong sense of self-esteem they can overcome their fears.

This is especially important for children suffering from critical illnesses. Health providers know that the first step to recovering your physical health is believing that you can. They know that children with a sense of hope have a powerful weapon, whatever battles they must face. 

I wrote a story entitled Carmine the Courageous Caterpillar to help children trust in their ability to cope with adversity.

It’s the story of a young, fearful caterpillar’s journey as he learns to face life with courage and hope. Full of comedic antics, the story will engage youngsters’ imaginations while absorbing important lessons that can help them throughout life.

In many ways, this book wrote itself.

It was a writing experience unlike any I've ever had before with the characters taking on lives of their own from the very start. Sometimes it felt like I was just writing down the story they were telling me as quickly as I could.

I felt as if Carmine was an answer I had been seeking for a while.

My career has included children's book illustration, graphic design, writing, and marketing. Carmine the Courageous Caterpillar gave me clarity for how to use my creative gifts of writing and drawing/painting, and marketing skills, to help others in the world - especially children. 

My goal is to share Carmine the Courageous Caterpillar  with young people everywhere - particularly critically ill children and their families.

Corporate sponsored book give-a-ways will be held through various charities. 

To learn more about the Courage For Kids ™ Project , please call 906/364.7459.