Coach TerriBusiness Coach Terri Fry Brukhartz, LCSW, CPCC
, has been helping business professionals make more money, do what matters most to them and thrive on their success since 2001. 

Coach Terri began her career in 1982 working for advertising agency Leo Burnett and the internationally acclaimed TV conglomerate, CBS.  In 1987, Coach Terri started The Fry Group, Inc., a publishers' representative firm. Clients included Details Magazine, Men's Health, and Harvard Business Review. With her husband, two kids and two dogs in tow, it's a wonder Coach Terri has enough time to get everything done! She resides in Chicago but works by phone with entrepreneurs around the world. Contact her by email or call 708-386-0500.

TQ - Measuring and improving human POTENTIAL -  giving you the baseline reference point for meaningful changes... and the TOOLS to rapidly hone your God-given TALENTS into hard-edged SKILLS, knowledge, and confidence to face life's challenges and achieve ALL your dreams, goals and aspirations.  FREE. (See example articles).  
Receive TQ's $120 Daily Lessons In Excellence Training Program, and a Personal Workshop of your choice - FREE! - no strings attached.  The Daily Lessons in Excellence are delivered via eMail each morning.

  • Inspirational Quotes that will lift your heart and your sights.
  • Motivational ideas to spur you on to achieve Excellence in all you do.
  • Specific, simple, yet powerful, actions you can perform to be more successful.
  • Supportive ideas to help you keep the faith when things get tough and show you how to forge ahead with passion.
  • Strategic planning tips to coach you how to reach each of your new, highly compelling Goals.
  • All delivered through a single, unified, daily reminder system - guaranteed to improve your personal success skills.

Simply read each daily message and then put Today's idea for action into action as often as possible. By doing this one thing, you will immediately produce better results, and your new success will inspire you to take on the next task, project or goal.

In just 5 minutes each morning you will learn how to:

  • Heighten your sense of purpose, mission and direction - helping you live what you truly value most.
  • Create powerful force-multipliers - by broadening your team-building and leadership skills.
  • Build self-confidence in "impossible" situations - by looking beyond problems - focusing instead on solutions and opportunities.
  • Achieve your goals sooner - by turning your dreams and visions into crystal-clear future expectations.
  • Remain focused on top priorities - by concentrating your time on what's most important and rewarding.
  • Develop better organizational skills - by learning to simplify, reduce and eliminate the clutter clogging your systems.
  • Improve your ability to manage time - ridding yourself of Distractions, Interruptions and Preoccupations.
  • Eliminate procrastination - by taking bold action to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt.

"Want a better career... better relationships... a better life? It all starts with taking action to improve your PERSONAL PERFORMANCE each and every day." -- E. R. Haas, CEO 

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