Email schme-mail; what’s so great about it?

The success of email marketing is multi-faceted.  Email marketing is a relationship builder, it's extremely affordable, can increase your customer base by electronic word-of-mouth (readers "forwarding to a friend"), is trackable, showing you how many opened your email and who, as well as which links they clicked on. This yields concrete data you can then use to continue to improve your marketing, and many aspects can be automated.  It’s immediate; no long lead times and the return on investment can be tremendous.

According to the Direct Marketing Association $30 was the average return on investment per U.S. dollar spent in 2015 for email marketing. They also say, "When done well, email stands up as one of the most effective ways to reach target audiences, but it’s changing, and this change is making it more vital, more effective." -  Direct Marketing Association 2015 Report

Maximize your time, effort, and advertising dollars by being where your customers are every day - in their InBoxes.

Use email as your marketing nucleus 

Email Marketing Your NucleusBy having all your marketing efforts lead to and from your email marketing, you can grow your email list and therefore your exposure exponentially. Have an email sign up opportunity at every touch-point. Let's take the most common 5 marketing methods shown to the left. From each of these 5 efforts, if you offer a way for interested parties to sign up to your email list, you will have the ability to communicate with them when you choose, rather than waiting for them to contact you.

Offer something free and valuable for subscribing to your email list; (most businesses can offer a tips sheet which can provide valuable information to new subscribers and doesn't cost a penny to create). Place this offer and a link to your email list sign up on your social media pages. Then you can also place "follow us" links in your emails, leading your email readers to join you on your social pages. When you joint venture with other businesses, your business gets exposed to other businesses' audiences. Sales don't usually happen with one exposure. Make the most of every opportunity and encourage these audiences  to become your audience too. Do this with every client acquisition method you use: article marketing, referral programs, your website, direct mail, etc., and see how fast your list of prospective clients grows - along with your profits.


How easily can you create a professional looking email ma
rketing template? 

Using a bulk email service provider has many benefits. One of which is professional looking, easy to use, drag and drop templates. You can use the pre-designed templates as is, or you can customize them to the colors of your logo and create the same feel as your website. Just as in a Word document, highlight the text you want to change, use the drop-down menu, and select your color. Drag in a photo or two and you'll be amazed at how professional your email promotion can look*. Once your template is created, each time you want to communicate to your customers and prospects, simply paste in your new content and send. No technical experience necessary. You can even schedule your email promotions ahead of time and they'll deploy automatically. 

Professional looking email promotions can raise the perceived value of your business.
See examples here.



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